Monday, 8 August 2011

Jak coś się dzieli to tylko Forty Forty

There cannot be worst thing than on the way back home, on the plane you start feeling sick. This is what happened to me on the way from Dubai to Warsaw. Landing in Frankfurt was a nightmare, the same as landing in Warsaw. Ache in the left ear up to the neck.
That was only beginning, and the effect was one week in bed without any progress in getting better. Even now I still struggle and wish for the weekend that's just passed to last.
Anyways esterday I could not stand doing nothing for another day, especially that there is so many places in Warsaw worth visiting. Exhibitions, new places to go out or just to go for a coffee or lunch or fresh juice which you can enjoy in the garden chair on the grass and summer (even this rainy summer) is the only time when you can do that.
I went to Forty Bema to check Forty Forty Project. It's a street art  gallery opened 24h/7 in the old military fortification in Bemowo district created by polish independent street/urban art artists. It had to be approved by the conservator as those fortifications are historic and under the guardianship, but apparently it was achieved.
Fish by Maniac

I was not able to guess who was the artist here. Anyways big like.


Roem. To me it looks like paintings in the children room

Follow the signs

Szyman SC,


Gruz and Felto

Gruz, Felto and Tomek


Forty Forty Project

I was also having my "artistic" time. These pictures are taken via kaleidoscope mirrors during the assembly of the kaleidoscope which I've brought from Dubai. Great fun, even for adults ;-)