Monday, 17 June 2013

We both know where I'm about to go

Corpus Christi - excellent time for hiking. Warm already, but not hot yet. Weather in mountains though, can be shity (like 2 years ago). Gladly this year we were really lucky. It was raining every day in other parts of the country, but Bieszczady remained dry (during the day at least).

We've left Warsaw on Wednesday night and arrived in Czarne Górne at 4 am. On the way, just before the destination we were caught by the border guard (luckily not the police as we were definitely driving too fast).

On the 1st day as we were tired we've made only a short trip. Żukow, smugglers trail. Indeed it was more or less flat, but about 17km, so not that little. But very nice and calm track. We've barely met anyone.

On the 2nd day we were extending the trip after each break and finally we've made about 22-24 km, ups and downs. Ustrzyki Górne - Wielka Rawka - Kremenaros - Rabia Skałka - Wetlina

And on the 3rd day as we've wanted to take some rest and have a calmer day we've went to see the grave of the count and the countess and the source of the San River. Another 22km, but this time mostly flat. Stunning views of fully wild nature. There are no cities, villages or even single houses. It was destroyed in the "Wisla" action (II WW).
To fill up the day up to it's border we had an hour of horse riding classes. The same on Sunday - an hour of terrain horse riding. For the more advanced even with gallop.

View from Wielka Rawka

On the Polish-Ukraine border. Somewhere on the way form Wielka Rawka to Kremenaros (Krzemieniec)

Sources of the San River

Source of the San River. Let's have a sip.

Can you spot Marta on the bridge?
On the way back from the Source of the San River

Grave of the count and the countess

On the way to Rabia Skała

Kremenros (Krzemieniec). Border triangle Poland, Ukraine and Slovakia

Ukraine-Slovakia border

Trying to get picture of myself reflecting in the monument

Fasolka - horse riding in Babski Szwadron
Myself - getting ready to ride a horse. First time after a decade,
Who's on the other end....?

Babski Szwadron

The most handsome and friendly foal I've ever met. Just adorable.

And here's bull calf. Also cute one.



Four horsewomen