Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Best I should run

Many of my running friends were encouraging me to sign up for running camp in mountains. I've always been a little bit hesitant about it as to me mountains are for hiking and enjoying the views. When you run you don't have enough time to appreciate the sights and at the same time you have to be careful about what you are stepping on.
At the same time for something like four years I've been constantly thinking about signing up for a running camp. I've even once paid the deposit but in the end my holidays was cancelled and I've never managed to see that it really is about. This year, accidentally, I've managed to join that "gig" with Obozy Biegowe.
Traditionally running camp lasts one week, although there were people coming for 2 weeks or 11 days, I was there for the traditional week and it was definitely enough for me. I'm not even sire if I manage to recall what we did during those 7 days. Let me try.
Day 1 - Saturday
Day of arrival. Welcome training for those who managed to arrive where we were shown the vicinity and all the important landmarks.
Day 2 - Sunday
In the morning we had running training and in the afternoon strength and running technique trainings.
Day 3 - Monday
Running trip in mountains (30 km) and stretching in the water in the evening.
Day 4 - Tuesday
Stabilization and running training in the morning and running technique and cross fit in the evening. I was not able to withstand all that and I had to give up that cross fit training and go to bed earlier.
Day 5 - Wednesday
Mountain biking trip with sun bathing at Chatka Gorzystow and best pancakes with cream and blackberries.
Day 6 Thursday
Running trip in mountains (30 km) and stretching in water.
Day 7 Friday
Running training and cross fit training in a form of competition.
And in the evening we had again running technique training with the complete lap of hurdle.
Day 8 Saturday
Goodbye training in the morning.
Altogether we did at least (depending on the fitness level) 100 km of running, a lot of exercises improving general level of fitness and about 30 km of mountain biking.
1st running trip. Our first mountaing view after 13 km uphill run from Jakuszyce

Marta, out trainer Agnieszka and myself

1st running trip

Sources of Laba

Biking trip, Chatka Gorzystow in Gory Izerskie


Soooooo good

Running girls

Chatka Gorzystow, Gory Izerskie

Our trainers consume pancakes ;-)

2nd running trip. Here we are on the way to Sniezka.

Sniezka with it's PRL architecture

View from Sniezka

Myself on the Sniezka peak (1602) in front of the mountain cottage

2nd running trip