Sunday, 9 February 2014

Moats and boats and waterfalls, alleyways and pay phone calls

09th Nov 2013
Warsaw - Zurich - New Delhi - Kathmandu

Here we go again, although this time we took Swiss instead of Aeroflot and picked EBC over ABC. Warsaw - Zurich - New Delhi - Kathmandu. Flight is quick and ok. Just that waiting in New Delhi. Feels like ages, especially that our flight got postponed by two hours. We were sleeping on the benches at the airport like beggars. Altogether almost nine hours or so but finally when we've managed to reach Kathmandu everything went smooth.

Once we've landed in the morning the first thing that we've done was to get our flight to Lukla confirmed and paid.We were not able to do it remotely. We've only made a booking, but finalizing the transaction and paying was not possible from Poland.

With Jacek, with whom I've already traveled to Nepal 2 years ago, we knew the ways and where to go, so this time it was a quick thing to organize TIMS (Trekkers Information and Management System) which we did. But of course there were again problems with pictures. Ɓukasz replaced Doris and it was him who had to run around and find a photo booth. He did and in fact we were ready to go to Lukla. But we had to wait till the next morning - flights are only in the morning due to better weather and wind conditions. And in case anything goes wrong or if there are delays there is still plenty of time. So we had dinner and beer, or six of them.

It's tiredness. And the best Nepali beer - Everest

This Special - Limited Edition of the Everest Beer is Special and Limited since 2011 at least