Wednesday, 1 September 2010


It’s not SE Asia yet, but Germany. Zugspitze challenge. Second trial. Second failed. Scenario was completely the same as 4 weeks ago with K. Rain all the time. Ok maybe it was a little bit better on Friday. Last time it was already raining on our way from Hammersbach to Hoellentalangerhuette. This time it’s started to rain after we got there (2h door to door with 15 mins break before we entered Hoellentalklamm).

The hut this time was much more crowded than last time. Almost all sleeping places taken, that’s why with A. we got places in not very cosy, huge room with about 30 other people. But at least we were sharing table with two guys from Frankfurt who also wanted climb Zugspitze on Saturday. Like 90% of the people there. Of course everyone was very upset about the rain and snow on the top. Together with the information that on Thursday someone’s fallen down into the gap between the glacier and rocks it made me think that again we’ll not be able to reach the top.

And indeed even though we woke up at 5.30 (after maybe 2h of sleep as it was impossible to sleep in that huge room), we ate breakfast, we got ready on time, we did not decide to follow the right direction. We’ve decided that it makes no sense to hike when it’s raining cats and dogs and went to Osterfelderkopf through Rindweg. Our new friends from Frankfurt (A had an assumption that they are gays, but in my opinion there were talking something about their wives which he did not get, only some time after) joined us on that way. When we were leaving the cottage the owner, se recognised me from last time. No wonder, we’ve spend whole Saturday there last time.

Constant and steep hike. For A. and me manageable in 2h, for them about 25 mins longer. But still those 2h were enough so that my old waterproof pants soaked and water dropped to my shoes. Actually I was glad that we take a cable car and go to the car to drive to the swimming pool in Graniau ;-). After delicious lunch/dinner (even more delicious as we were not expecting that good quality of food) we drove back to Munich. 240/260 on tachometer allowed us to be back home in about 40 mins. In that car you even did not feel the speed. It looks like a crap, but it has power.
In the cable car with two Frankfurters ;-)
The same on Sunday, we got to Chiemsee in 40 mins after making a decision to go there at 15. Just spontaneous trip to a place where I’ve wanted to go before leaving Germany. It did not make big impression on me. From my personal point of view Koenigssee was much more fabulous. Maybe I have this impression cause this time I was only a Sunday tourist and at Koenigssee I was only dues to the fact that I went hiking.

Sunday tourist photo - fountain on the Herreninsel at the Chiemsee

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