Sunday, 9 January 2011

Climbing in Vang Vieng

The last day that I've been in Vang Vieng we've gone climbing. There were five of us, three of us climbing. Todd and Phil had their gear with them, so we only took three motorbikes and I rented shoes. But that itself lasted forever, everything from the beginning went wrong, breakfast took ages, Todd's friend who borrowed us his harness and chalk bag was one hour late, renting motorbikes and taking petrol and renting my shoes was constantly going wrong, cause if the place was not closed for lunch brake, they did not have what we've wanted or we had to go to their second store and so one. Literally, everything from the beginning went wrong.
But in the end, we had motorbikes with petrol and we drove to the place where I wanted to rent shoes and we've lost Phil and Markus on the way and we did not find them until the end of that day. Though we've found one Aussie guy with gear who joined our climbing expedition.
The same story as with Markus and Phil was with rocks. I think that four of us who were still left we were driving about two hours around the place where rocks were supposed to be and we've never found them. That was very frustrating. So in the end we've given up and decided to go tubing. Not that we've rented tubes and went down the river. We've just driven there and went drinking. And this was exactly when we've met Markus and Phil again. It was a little bit tricky to drink and drive later on (at least for the drivers) but nothing has happened, except broken line, in Todd's motorbike, connecting tachometer with the wheel. He locked it and forgot about it. But still it's costed him only 60.000 kip in the rental place, which was nothing to get his passport back.
Next step after coming back was to have a dinner and go for goodbye party as Todd and me were leaving the next day. I was going to 4000 Islands and he to Chiang Mai. We've formed surprisingly big party crew. It's even difficult to tell who those people where and how we've started to talk to them, but that did not matter at all. It's mattered even less when someone has found five bags of weed in one of the cushions at our table. Everyone remained silent about it. It was a little bit like we were part of the conspiracy theory. Does not matter if we were or not, at the end cushions were empty.

Searching for rocks

Is it possible elsewhere than in Laos to have a nice sleep in a bar?


Here you don't need your own lighter. Lighters are glued to the walls, to make sure that you will not lose it

Goodbye bucket

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  1. lol too many bags and cookies the rocks were behind you. i need to go to thailand ;)