Friday, 21 January 2011

Police search and some cooking classes in Bangkok

After adventurous journey from Laos to Bangkok I've arrived there about 6 in the morning, at the North and Northeast Bus Station. Completely opposite direction than I wanted to be, which is Khao San Road. I had to take motorbike for 160, which was probably quite fair price for that ride. So I've arrived in Khao San Road, hooked up in one of the restaurants with free WiFi, ordered breakfast and I've started to update my blog. In the mean time Todd updated me, that he's in Bangkok too.
We've arranged to meet and have lunch or something. So we did, but as everyone had some business to do we were splitting and meeting then and now. I was checking on him from time to time how is his tattoo progressing and taking some pictures for him. That was funny watching him with that stick in his mouth to bite it when it hurts too much. I've almost seen him crying, he denies it, but I can definitely say that he had glassy eyes.
After his tattoo was ready we went to have some dinner and some beers. We bought some in 7 eleven and sat at the river bank to drink it. There were some tables, one Thai guy eating something and having a bunch of drugs on his table. He was strange, but we were enjoying our conversation. And than Police came. They almost did not pay attention at him. They've been interested in us. They've turned on their torches and started to check around, on the table, under the table and so one. Next they would ask us to open our bags and take everything out. They've been checking each single thing, we had to even open our wallets and empty them.
Of course they were not able to find anything, no wonder, we did not have anything on us. But still even though we were innocent we did feel guilty.
It's good that in the end they let us be and went away.
Next day I've went for cooking classes in May Kaidee's cooking school at Sam Sen Road. I went for the afternoon classes and that was a good choice. I was there on my own, so everything that I was doing I did myself. I've learned to cook Massaman Curry, Green Curry, Tom Yam, Spring Rolls, Peanut dip and prolly half of a dozen more dishes. I was not able to eat everything what I've cooked, so they've given me a doggy bag to take it home, but even than I was not able to eat any more so people staying in Phiman were enjoying free meal. She has also promised me, that when I'm back in Bangkok and come back to her she will do the shopping for me (galangal, kaffir lime leaves, lemon grass) so that I can keep it in the fridge and cook at home. I'll also have to buy miso paste, tom yam paste, chili powder and cumin powder. I cannot wait to try it back at home, especially that my parents promised to come and visit me on the weekend that I'm coming back, as it might be the only chance to see me, as five days later I'll be flying to Dubai for work.

Tattoo artist in action

Last pic of Polish Canadian friendship

Green Curry paste production

Tom Yam
Cela the cook

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