Saturday, 12 March 2011

No time to think of consequences

Beach party in Dubai? Sure why not. As soon as I've found out about Sandance at Nasimi beach at Atlantis hotel I knew I'm gonna be there. Doesn't matter if anyone from my friends here is gonna join me. If there's a beach party I just have to be there.
Of course I knew it'll not be like Full Moon Party or parties at Kho Tao, but still, beach party is a beach party. Sand, water, warm, booze and good music. Different but good too. And even though I'm not huge fan of electronic music I knew it'll be good. 2manyDJs (the only DJ set playing there that I knew) were awesome as well as Smokingroove, Sneaky Sound System, Charl Chaka, Mark Pickup, Sander Kleinenberg, Fragma and Ronin & Nesta.
In the end I've attended that gig with two colleagues of mine, whom in the end I've lost in the crowd (is it something new), but I've met loads of people and surprisingly I've discovered that in the same manner as backpackers ask always the same set of questions expats in Dubai do the same, just the set is different. In stead of asking for how long you've been traveling is how long have u been in Dubai. Instead of asking what u do back home is what u do here and so one and so far. That was nice discovery, it was even nicer to discover it after I've just made up my mind to stay.
Sandance venue
2manyDJs. Is he yawning?
Atlantis hotel by night
JBR - one of the Dubai districts
JBR beach. Even though it's open, public beach everyone wears shorts or bikinis
JBR beach
JBR beach
Modern vs. tradition

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