Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Island called Boracay

Boracay is famous for its white beaches. I was not aware of that but it’s first tourist destination in Philippines. What’s more not only for foreigners but also for local people. Actually it’s full of Filipinos, what’s really nice. I must admit that I enjoy it so much more this way than the other like in Thailand and Vietnam where beaches were full of farangs.

Filipinos are the most friendly people that I’ve met. They always smile, speak decent English, help you. This is how I got place where I’m staying right now. We were in Caticlan, arrived there quite late, when there were no more boats to Boracay and we met those local girls who were trying to arrange transportation to Boracay and did all the good job to get it. One of them was renting rooms and as her place was full showed us house next door where a family is renting rooms, so we got one.

Traditionally during holidays I’m sick. Sore throat, fever, runny nose, so most of the time I spend either walking along the beach or sitting and reading. I must admit that I even go into the water as it’s so warm that it can’t make me any harm. I was told that it’s 28 degrees (sic!).

When I thought I’m already better I went to kite surfing classes and in fact got worse again. Damn it! I’ve even spent all weekend evenings in bed, not going out to party and it did not help. Maybe I should have gone yesterday, as when we went for a dinner to very local place there was that bunch of Filipinos and when we got up to pay they’ve asked us if we wanna give it a try. But a try to what? I’ve found out only when two guys took me by the hand and lead me to the long table.

Apparently they were a crew of a Dragonboat (there was dragonboat competition taking place last two days) celebrating their victory (3rd place if I got it right) and drinking. But how where they drinking! There were three tables connected together. There was a line of 15 different bottles with booze and there was a shot glass with each bottle, sometimes there was also a bottle of coke in between. And what you were supposed to do was to get one shot after another.

I was the first one to try, but I knew I’m not gonna make it till the end as I was taking medicines to get me going and mixing it with booze was not a good idea, so after four shots I gave up. But John feeling the pressure made it till the end. That event made us forget to pay our dinner. So we had to go back there in the night to pay.

I was not planning it but in the end I’ve decided to stay here till the end. Especially that I don’t feel like traveling when I’m sick and bearing in mind that way home will be tough. Four flights in a row, transferring between terminals in Manila and Dubai, 17 hours of flights plus some additional waiting times. One needs to be fit for that.

Boracay sun set

Dragonboat warrior

Dragonboats ready to take off

Dragonboats with their crews

Filipino party people

John is taking shots

Very romantic, ain't it?

Coconut tree climber

Jump up

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