Thursday, 14 July 2011

Truly majestic

As usually I’ve found out that I’m flying to Dubai only couples of days before it was supposed to take place. Nothing changes here.
But before I’ve left, I’ve spent lovely weekend with friends doing sports (running, playing badminton, riding a bike), singing, doing BBQ, having fun, listening to the old vinyl records.
On Friday night first we cycled through Warsaw to reach the Vistula River and old barge called Herbatnik, where they’ve been playing funny document movies. Unfortunately we’ve managed only to see the end, but anyways it’s very interesting place.

Being thirsty we went further down the river to Cud nad Wisla. Lovely place, situated at the river bank just near the Centrum Nauki Kopernik. It is very……, let’s call it, raw. They set it up only for the summer season; skits are used there as sits and tables, here and there, there are blankets and pillows to make the place more comfy. Portable public toilets, bar and DJ stand in container boxes.

Even though (or more due to that, and the location of course) place is usually full and visited by relaxed people. Friday evening was not the best what you can expect in the mid July (chilly and wet) but still it was pretty full.

After two beers we went to check UFO at the Rozbrat, which was completely dead. Nothing going on there. Nothing at all. So in the end we went to Indeks. Not very fancy place, but music was not bad. Secondary school Bravo type place.

On the way back we were stopped by the police. At first my idea was that it’s due to my back light, actually due to the lack of it. Next idea that came to my mind was that they want to check how sober/drunk we are. That would have been even worse than the missing light. We had 2 and half beer each. Not much, but still. Losing your driving license because of that would be the Mistrz.

And what was the reason? Basically they’ve wanted to check serial numbers of our bikes, as recently there are a lot of thefts. Of course they’ve asked for our ids, which I did not have, but they’ve mentioned that it’s not mandatory to carry it around with you.

Coming back to the serial numbers, of course they could not find them on our old cycles and after a comment on Tomek’s family name (spiders, blah) they let us free. In the end we reached home after 3 in the morning. But tomorrow is Saturday!
On Sat we took a ride to Piaseczno to visit a friend, actually to do some BBQ there, spend a night, meet with some other friends (who even carried our things, so that we didn’t need to be bothered). On the way through Ursynow, Kabaty, Kierszek, Mysiadlo and Piaseczno most of the time we've spent in Las Kabacki relaxing and lying down on the grass. I don't remember when was the last time that I could so airy and carefree spend my time. Gimme more!


What the hell was going on there?


Go faster!

In Piaseczno it was even better. I was not expected at all such a warm welcome, I was not expecting most of what was going on there. Tomek and his wife - Karolina gave us the most welcoming and most honest and hearty hosts that I had since very long time. Hospitality is definitely their number one. I don't know what skills these exactly are, but they were able to make us feel like home. We were going around, cooking, using their facilities. Lovely people, with lovely kids.
Saturday evening/night it was eating, drinking, dancing and listening to vinyl records. Sunday was a sporty day with light breakfast only and almost 22km in the rain. I was rather in a good shape, last two kilometers I was even to speed up a little bit. If I had to I could go run further, but actually time was running away and as I was flying to Dubai at 19 I had to start getting ready, taking shower, having dinner and so one.
In the end my flight to Munich was delayed due to the very bad weather conditions in Europe and I would not be able to catch flight to Dubai, so I've changed my ticket to fly on Monday and I've spent one more day and night in Warsaw. That was a gift from above. Finally I was able to finish watching "Breakfast on Pluto" and on my flight from Munich to Dubai I got an upgrade to business class. So sweet. The only thing that I regret is that I was not able to try their food as I've been sleeping on the valium all the time, but at least the seat was very comfy.


Adas and Jasiek


Usually cats don't like me. This one must be weird as it come to me on its own

Tomek the DJ and Franek Kimono rulezzzzz

Runner from the 80s

Kinga, Doris and Marta in the rain

Doris, Mati, Marta and Tomek

Tomek presents what his ostre kolo - fixie can do

Myself, Marta, Kinga, Doris, Tomek, Tomek - rainy runners

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