Thursday, 5 January 2012

Today I'm not doing anything

Not too much action today. Just hanging around in Pokhara, doing shopping, eating, browsing internet and going to spa. This was the day dedicated to nothing doing. I’ve deserved it after 20 days of trekking.
But next day in Pokhara was more adventurous. We wanted to get to World Peace Pagoda. We had breakfast, bought tickets for tomorrow to Kathmandu (I’ll be taking plane and Doris and Jacek bus), drank fresh orange juice and slowly we were heading towards pagoda.
On the way to the other side of the lake we’ve seen Nepali wedding. Next we climbed small hill, where we had good, although foggy, view over Pokhara. We’ve followed the path on the hill, which was getting smaller and smaller and in the end it’s almost disappeared. Where were only more and more spiders on spider webs hanged between trees, bushes and leeches. Those started to get on us and I’ve found one between my toes. Even though we’ve climbed we’ve started to slowly descent and in the end we’ve ended at the muddy lake bank again. But on the opposite side, in the ‘jungle’.
We’ve been very lucky and just when we got there a boat with 4 people was arriving at the bank. They gave us a lift to the inhabited side. It was big coincidence that they were in the right place in the right time.  To celebrate out rescue we went together to get some momos (Tibetan dumplings).
On the way to World Peace Pagoda we've seen Nepali wedding

On the way to World Peace Pagoda. People do everything in river: do the laundry, take a shower, drink, go to toilet...

Pokhara. Smoggy like every bigger city in Asia

At the breakfast (standard set: muesli with fruits and curd) in one of cheap local places

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