Monday, 12 March 2012

I'm on my way to the party right now

According to the unwritten rule of the company where I work, stating: "Work hard, play harder" we finally had team event. It's started in Nuuksio where we were divided in four teams and we had small competition on the snow. Running in snow shoes, building snow tower, potkukelkka race and sledges race. There were also some intellectual tasks, where our team could catch up, as we were mostly girls there and we were not able to compete with male teams.
Afterwards we got some good food in the teepee: mushroom soup, game stew, mashed potatoes, lappish squeaky cheese with cloud berry jam. Teepee was heated by fireplace so in the end everyone smelled with the smoke from the fire.
Afterwards, when the official part was finished there was a bus that took us to the city center, where we continued the unofficial part. Some of us headed to Molly Malone, but this part of the outing is not documented ;-).

Ready for the competition

Nice, ain't it? This was our 'cloakroom', but it can also be rented for a night.

Snow tower building competition

Getting ready to potkukelkka race

Snow fight?

Kill'em all


Dinner in the teepee

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