Wednesday, 13 June 2012

So go and pack your bags for the long haul

Another long weekend spent in mountains. Low Tatras in Slovakia were awesome as was my company. I was there with two very good friends of mine and my dad. All of them trained in hiking (although never all together, but that worked out perfect I'd say) so we were able to cover quite good distances each day. Basically what we did is:
Day 1:Lucky - Sedlo Javorie - Krakova Hola - Demanovska Svobody - Lucky
At Krakova Hola

Kinga and Marta at Sedlo Javorie

On the way from Sedlo Javorie to Krakova Hola

Pure happiness

Follow yellow and blue marks

Day 2: Lucky - Krupova Hola - Dumbier - Krupova Hola - Chata Generala M. R. Stefanika
Way to Krupova Hola. Yes we had to climb up there, to the hill on the horizon

Way to Krupova Hola
Way to Krupova Hola

Complete crew at Dumbier (Dziumbier). As you can see it was rather shaky up there.

We were staying in the Chata Generala M. R. Stefanika. After some rest we did a small before dinner walk...

... where we've met mountain goat.

Three Musketeers
Day 3: Chata Generala M. R. Stefanika - Krupova Hola - Chopok - Polana - Krizske Sedlo - Prislop - Kosodrevina - Chata Generala M. R. Stefanika
Morning view from Chata Generala M. R. Stefanika. Unfortunately those clouds started to rise up and in the end of the day we were walking in the clouds.

Morning view from Chata Generala M. R. Stefanika

Way to Krupova Hola with my dad

Just walk

Dog that we met at Chopok. Anybody knows what breed is is?

I've met the whole herd of goats on the way. This is one of them. Cute.

June? Snow?

In the clouds again

Day 4: Chata Generala M. R. Stefanika - Krupova Hola - Lucky.
This day brought us all different kinds of weather conditions. Starting from sun in the morning through the heavy rain couple of hours later and strong sun about 11 a.m. In the mean time there were some showers and rain stops (like someone would be playing with the shower turning it on and off) and very heavy rain on the way back from Gliwice to Warsaw on the A2 road (opened only for the 3 weeks of the European Football Championship).

On the way back from Lucky we've went through Ruzomberok like two years ago and of course on the way we had some bryndzove halusky and zincica in Salas Krajinka. We've bought some sheep cheese too. I think that my hiking trip would not be complete if we did not do that.

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