Sunday, 16 September 2012

This could be the longest day and the night has yet to come

In the second week of my Swiss holidays I had a guest at my aunt's place in Nyon. My best friend came with her son to pick me up.
We've spent nice day and next morning walking and at the beach at the Lac Leman and the next day in the afternoon we took a train to Zurich. I cannot remember well, but I don't think I've ever been there during the summer. It's incredible how well outdoor swimming facilities are organised there. Water in the Limmat river is clean enough to swim there in the middle of the city. The same with Zurich Lake. There are changing rooms everywhere, wooden platforms at the banks for easier access, access ladders. I wish the same for Warsaw and for Vistula River.

Max - Michelin Boy

 One day we went to Alt St. Johann for an easy trek. It was one of that theme paths for kids with their grandparents. You take a gondola lift to get up and there you have a nice almost flat walk. But views were fabulous.
Panorama from the Mittelstofel in the Toggenburg

Chillaxing after the geriatric flat 12km walk in the mountains

Cela, Max and Dorota

Dorota and Jonas with their baby

I just loved this gondola lift toy

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