Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Beijing's firts impressions

Weekend before flying to Beijing was so hectic, goodbye party, packing, going to dermatologist, resting, confirming some plans, having goodbye part again, where I got panda baloon with request to take it back to China (thanks ladies!). Finally I went to the airport Flight from Warsaw to Moscow and later on to Beijing was ok, although I must say that I do not like Aeroflot. Flight attendants were not friendly, so harsh and I'd have to say unhelpful. What's more my seat was not the one that I've chosen when I checked in online and it was broken. Beijing welcomed me with good weather and Starbucks on the airpost. I was so thirsty, desperate for the coffee and hot that I had to get one of their frappucinos, which accompanied me on the train to Dongzhimen from where I had to take 20 min walk to get to hostel. First impression was not good: poverty, killers in the cars and on the bikes, smog, smell of urine in the entrance gate. Give it a chance, give it a chance, was the only thing on my mind. So the Hostel itself is ok, it's on the edge between poor and rich districts, but it's safe and clean. And fool of people. Mostly backpackers, but also ppl who work in some smaller (is 1,5 milion inhabitants smaller?) cities and come here to see Beijing, as there is national holiday rignt now (actually it's the last day). Luckily in my 10 dorm moone snores (or was i that tired last two nioghts that I did not simply hear it?) and luckily there are some people to talk and to do some sightseeing together. Most/all? of them in my dorm are traveling on their own, like me. 
small alley near hostel, hutong type where we used to get food. Very cheap and very tasty
food hygiene in China
entrance gate to hostel
 Yesterday I've seen Summer Palace
Summer Palace
Summer Palace -17 Arches Bridge
and today it was Forbiden City and Tian'anmen Square
Doing Nothing phrase written by one of the Emperors
Forbiden City
Forbiden City
In my opinion they are pretty the same and boring in the same way. Summer Palace is a little bit better cause it's on the suburbs and with less smog and more trees. For the Forbiden City it's only bricks and beton. I enjoy food a lot, yesterday I had kind of crepe with egg in it, soya sauce, pettersill and some restangle thing with bubbles. It looked like huge shrimp crisp but I guess it was not that. She's put it everything and rolled and gave me in a plastic bag and newspaper. Was gooood ;-) <photo> I did not know that that, they have maroni, but still my top maroni place is Zurich. After two daus of saty, making some friends, meeting two colleagues of mine who are traveling here as well I have better feelings for the city but still I cannot tell I love or even like it. It's ok, but nothing more.


  1. Hej! szybko ten czas mija, że już wystartowałaś :) ale pisz często, bo takie czytanie wyrabia jeszcze większe chęci na nasz start! pozdrowienia! Krzychu Dopierała

  2. "urine in the entrance gate" ?! dang! have a nice stay

  3. what was street reaction to the Peace Nobel prize for Liu Xiaobo ?