Sunday, 3 October 2010

the time has come

It's time to pack, but I'm not able to pack when I'm tired. After all the stress that I had last days, all the parties and nights that were only partially overslept I'm not able to concentrate on what I'm doing. So I'm packing for 5 hours already.
I had to laugh when I read e-mail from my best friend, that I've received in the mean time. She wrote: "As far as I know you, you are already packed and partying somewhere". Oh dear, not this time.
This is the stage that I've achieved today and I do not expect to reach any further.

It does not seem a lot, and indeed it is not. Actually my first feeling was - it's impossigle to pack everything that I need/want, but my bag is still not full. Am I such undemanding or did I forget something?

Outstanding tasks:
1. Print boarding tickets
2. Insure luggage
3. Choose music and load it on iPod
4. Choose book to take with me
5. ?????


  1. Hello Pomidor,

    if you don't know I recommend to check theyhave nice suitcases

  2. I have camera.
    And I'm not gonna travel with luggage Ogorek.