Saturday, 30 October 2010

Chinese FBI

Yesterday I had to check on the internet where my hostel in HK is, but internet at Julian's plaece did not work at all, so the mission was to find internet cafe somewhere in Shanghai.Wang ba, this is how they call internet cafe. Gladly tourist information had that knowlendge and they showed me where to look for.
Very dodgy entrence to the building, but dozens of computers inside.
When I told that I want to use internet they told: Password.
Me: What? Why do I need password to use internet?
They: Password
Me: What? What password?
They: Password. Chinese FBI.
Me: Whhhhhat?
They: Passport
So what they wanted was passwort basically.... but pronunciation was horrible. I really understood that they want some kind of password from me. Maybe this is dodgy internet cafe and only trusted ppl have
acces to it.
Pudong by night


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  1. najlepsze kasztany są na placu Pigalle :)