Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Lost in Hangzhou

If anything starts going wrong it remains that till the end.
I've planned that on Monday I go to Hangzhou. I knew that there is a lot of trains going there from Shanghai, most f them from South Railway Station, but also some form Main Railway Station, and that was where I wanted to take a train. Of course I had to run, cause I was short with the time, but by the time I've reached ticket office I was on the safe side already. At least this is what I've thought. Cause all tickets were sold out. I've decided for a train from South Station and with a stnading place. 1,5h is not that much, and maybe if I turn on my smile no. 57889672 I'll manage to squeze somewhere. Partially it worked out, until there was stop in the half way and someone who owned that place come. But still at least half a way was comfortable.
In Hangzhou I've easily found bus Y2 (it was too smooth), got off after two stops and headed towards the Ming Town Youth Hostel. At leas this is what I thought. I guess I was wanderin around about hour and a half until I've fonud it. Even policemen involvement did not make it much easier. I've asked them and they've showed me where to go and than in half way there was another piliceman waiting and showing me the way, but hostel was so hidden that only after I've given them a call, twice, I've managed to find it. There should be some signs pointing the way.
In Hangzhou itself everything was going rather smooth.
In the evening I was with some girls (all traveling alone) at Qinghefang Old Street where one can buy everything (mostly souvenirs) and he night market where one also can buy everything, but everything faked.
Next day with french girl (I dunno remember her name) we've rented bikes. Actually you get them for free. What we had to do it to pay 200RMB deposit, 100RMB credit on the card and we could take bikes from stalls on the street. First hour is free, next/third is 1RMB/2RMB. But you can switch bikes as often as you want, so if you remember to switch it before hour passes, enjoy free biking. We did not manage to do that, but the price is so low, that I could not have beed bothered. We were following Lonely Planet bike tour and I must admitt it's pretty surrounding, except that biking up the hill on those small, Chinese bikes was impossible, so most of the way up we were pushing our bikes. Even though we found bikes with higher seats they were to small for European girls. But still, Longjing Village, village of Vengjiashan, Nine Creeks Park were beautiful. Combined with the trip around the West Lake it was so chilly, and it was nice to do some other activity than walking. Cause walking was planned for today. Actually it was not planned, but the plan rose during the evening. I decided to go to Lingying temple and climb North Peak. And as usually in China it wa snot climbing the hill/mountain, but it was climbing the stairs... View from the top was nice. At least ;-). In fact whole area of the city which is directly at the lake is sooo cool.
Three, in fact two days, were not enough here. I'd like to stay a little bit longer. Sit at the lake, watch the water, read, rest.
Now I'm back in Shanghai (got here on the train going 350km/h), doing
laundry and getting ready to go to Hong Kong tomorrow.
New family - guess who is real?

Drum Tower

West Lake

Hangzhou street map. I took hat and hand gloves for this journey and I did not believe I'll need them...

Street barber

View over Hangzhou from the North Peak

Temple behind the scene

Angry Buddha
Lotus flowers and green pea soup, which turned out to be sweet (so disapointing)

Walkway on West Lake

On the way to the Hangzhou railway station - dilapidated houses

Fast train to Shanghai

In fast trains water is unfit for drinking ;-)


  1. We want to see pictures!!!!

  2. so, you are not going to Tybet ...

  3. @Vizo: Pics coming soon, just let me get my own laptop
    @andy: meat? there is not good meat in China ;-P
    @p: no, not this time

  4. It is grate to read about your journey. I am mostly doing it in a tube on my mobile, what is not good for my eyes. I had especially grate fun on the way to Krakow and I wanted to send you back pictures of a train of 'przewozy regionalne" with coment " you do not have to travel so far to see some exotica" You are grate observer. Take care. Doris