Saturday, 6 November 2010

Good Morning Vietnam

HK said me good-bye in rain, head ache, runny nose and prolly some fever. On the train from Hung Hom to Guangzhou I felt like shit. I actually I feel like shit now, as I'm on thart train ;-) And it makes me feel even more shity when I have in mind that I need to take a plane, which will make things even worse. I'm affraid that my ears will hurt....
But there is one positive thing about it all. On 31st of October 2010 in Guangzhou, there was subway opened linking East Railway Station with Bayiun Airport, which makes everything so much easier. Lucky girl.
And in Hanoi I've ordered airport pickup. I cannot be bothered to figure out in the middle of the night how to get from airport to the hostel, especially with all excessive baggage and not feeling too good.
After all my airport pick up did not arrive and I had to take a cab which in fact was cheaper than the service hostel offers, especially that I was sharing it with a guy who I've met on the airport.

But the next day was nightmare. I've spent most of it in my bed to finally in the end go to the doc. I had 38.8 fever and sinusitis. So I got Augmentin, Amiflu and Ibuprofen. Does not sound too good, but today after sleeping 12h during a night and sweating as hell I feel better, but I still consider if I should do Sapa trip or just stay in Hanoi till Kaska and Fazi are coming. I'll check how I feet tomorrow and decide. It's no fun being ill when you travel. But I guess that is my annual autumn sickness.
On the way to the clinic

Somewhere near hostel

View from the hostel entrance


  1. Ich hoffe Dir geht es schon wieder besser. Tolle Bericht und noch schönere Fotos. Weiter so!!!

  2. Even with a fever you should not miss the Water Puppet Theater performance at Roi Nuoc Thang Long !

  3. @Pedro: ja, es geht mir ein bisschen besser
    @p: i'm not gonna miss it. actually I want to do it today ;-)

  4. Hey, that weird eating kid is mine, you have no right to be be posting pics! Where are you travelling next? H

  5. Heading south. I'm currently in Hue. And what about u? Did u manage to buy motorbike?