Friday, 5 November 2010

Missy, best price. Only for you.

One day I've went to Victoria's Peak, I mean a took Peak Tram to the top and made a nice 1h walk around the peak, with stunning views over HK and over Victoria Harbour. It was really beautiful up there. And chilling as not too many ppl was walking there.
Admirality - on the way to Victoria Peak

Admirality - on the way to Victoria Peak

On the Peak Tram

Frog on the Victoria Peak

View from Victoria Peak over HK Island and Kowloon

View from Victoria Peak over HK Island and Kowloon

Malysian Rubber Tree on the Victoria Peak
Peak Tram
Same day in the evening quite accidentaly with Aussie that I was hanging around, we've landed at the Ladie's Market. Honestly, I hate shopping, but this time it was kind of fun, especially bargaining. Any time we were taking a look at something saleswoman was coming and telling her price (e.g. 600) and there was my part. Tell riducolously low price (e.g. 150) and observe their reaction. It was so funny to see how touched they are that I wan to pay only that little. And making those funny pffffff sounds. After that, was my turn again: "So how much do you want?". "500". "What? Never. 200". "OK missy, only for you, best price. 350.". "No, no. Thank you." So now we were going away. "Wait, wait, 300." "No, it's not about the price, I'm just not sure if I want it." "Only for you. Best price. 250" "Well, OK."
This is more or less how it looks like, I never liked to bargain but there it wasd so hilarous and funny that I was enjoying that most of all the shopping. Of cours, there were some variations, like we pay that much when we take 2 or 3 pieces or when they were trying to explain us that, that piece on the display is without logo, but piece which we'll buy will have correct logo. It was more or less like that: "No look. No. No look. No good. Very good copy." And than she was showing us that faked bag with the correct logo, which she has taken out from one of the hidden boxes.
It was pretty similar with watches and LV bags. First they show you catalogue, where you can pick what you want to see and next they bring it from somewhere. But honestly, those watches were of really poor quality.
Overall, I've spent too much and bought too much and I'll have to ship everything from Vietnam. Maybe I'll do some more shopping in Hanoi and I'll post it.
Mao Watches on the Antique Market

The next day I've went to Macau, one of my must see in HK. It was last Portugese colony and I've wanted to see Portugese elements there, so I took TurboJet to Macau. It takes about 1h to get there andit's worth going there, even though you are not going to gamble. I even did not enter any of the casinos. And in fact I've thaught that Mcau will be more similar to Las Vegas, but it was not. It's not like in LV, that there is one street full of casinos. In Macau, there is one casino here, one there. They are scattered all around the city.
And what about Portugese remainings, there are tiles in many places, street plates are are also tailed. Some pavements are paved with white-black coble stone. Some of the buildings are of Portugese style. And of course ruins of St. Paul's church. Those look so cool. Only entrance wall remained after great fire that took place in XIX century.
As I was ready with sightseeing earlier than I've thaught I'll be, I went to the pier to check if I can change my ticket and take earlier katamaran to HK. I was surprised when they told me just to go to the gate and board. But that was good.
This trip to Macau made me have six additional stamps in my pass, as when you go there you need to go through customs, fill in arrival form and go through pass control. And one more thing that I was not quite aware of. There is also separate currency.

Macau city centre. White and black cobble stones.

St. Dominic's Church

Ronald Adolfonald

St. Paul's Cathedral ruins

Blue and yellow tiles

No securing gate

Some more tiles

Red light district

Actually it used to be red light district, at least this is what they say in guide book...

... apparently, it still is

Green and pink

Grand Lisboa

TurboJet catamaran

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