Monday, 29 November 2010

Miss Saigon

It did not feel like leaving Mui Ne at all, but after 5 days there it was already time to move forward, so on Tuesday I've booked open tour bus to go to Ho Chi Minh City. In the evening though I was again in the mood to stay one more day, especially that we had really funny time. But on the other hand when we didn't?
So on Wed morning I've managed to get up, have my breakfast and get on the bus. Both with Marcus we were so wasted and shattered that most of the journey we've spent sleeping, or at least trying to do so.
In Saigon we've splitted. He went to book his Phu Quoc Island ticket and I've gone to search for a place to stay. As always I've wanted to stay in dorms, to have an opportunity to meet some people.So I've ended up in that place run by Vietnamese woman who is incredibly tight fisted. She runs it on her own, with almost noone to help her. She is always on the edge, forgetting things and people and getting confused all the time. Once she's asked me if I go upstairs and if I could take some water and coke to room 403. I was quite surprised, but ok, I've taken it there. Next day at the free breakfast I've asked for two fried eggs and as an answer I've received: "No, it is so expensive, and you pay only 7$ here". Fuck you!
Expect that it was pretty much ok there. One guy whom I've met at the Halong Bay trip was there too, so that made everything so much easier. I've just joined him and his friends for sightseeing and Cu Chi tunnels trip.
Tunnels were impressive, how they've been able to dig them and than use them to move and hide. All the spiky traps that they've invented, I wouldn't like to fell into one of those.
We also went to War Remnants Museum, which basically was a display of what Americans did to Vietnamese, how they were spreading Orange Agent and what it has caused to the environment, people and next generations. Handicapped children, miscarriages, siam twins, skin problems. It just reminded me about Czarnobyl Power Plant explosion. Radioactive cloud has caused similar things.
Now I'm sitting on a slow boat on the Mekong river to get to Cambodia. With two other guys we've booked this trip to make it easier, but of course everything is as always cheated and we do not get exactly what we were supposed to get. Like for example: we were supposed to spend night in Chau Doc in a floating hotel. There was floating hotel, and there was Chau Doc, but on the other side of the river. There where we were was almost no place to go to have food, of course except hotel where we were staying, but none of us was willing to give them any more money so we went to search for a place to eat. And that was brilliant. We were eating in kind of restaurant, more like private house of Vietnamese family. Delicious Beef Hot Pot with different kinds of green leaves to dip in it and loads of noodles. Really tasty, served by 12 year old boy, trying his best.
Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh City

Christmas in Ho Chi Minh City
Cu Chi Tunnels - Direction entrance to the tunnel

Entering the tunnel

Door trap

Night out in Ho Chi Minh City

Night out in Ho Chi Minh City

Tiger Cages - cages where prisoners were kept

Main Post Office in Ho Chi Minh City

Floating Market - pretty empty at this time of the day. To find out what is being sold on each boat have a look at what is hanging from the bamboo pole

Coco candy assembly line
Mekong petrol station

On the Mekong River

Probably the most interesting part of our Mekong trip - big Python

The longest bridge in Asia - 14km long

This is where we had out Hot Pot. We are sitting in the sitting room of the family where we were eating

My little Vietnamese friend

Laundry in Mekong river, which is not that clean at all

Pirate on the slow boat

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