Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Beach, sea, sun, rum

After coming to Mui Ne with the most craziest bus driver you never want to go back. Life here is so chill and easy going that you just want to stay here for ever. I did not plan to stay here so long, but I just do not feel like going anywhere. Maybe except making a short walk to get some sea food or riding to the sand dunes or fairy creek on the rented motorbike.
Days here flow with completely different rhythm. I wake up around 10, go to get breakfast to he Lam Tong, restaurant, also called Popular Restaurant which is just next door and I meet there all the people that I know in Mui Ne also having breakfast. It takes usually about hour and a half till we are served and till we get everything that we've ordered, and it's not the case of ordering too much, but a case of very relaxed waiters, who look like they've been smoking weed all night long.
Breakfast containing big fruit salad with yogurt, pancake, white coffee costs 48.000 dongs, which is about 2.5$.
Next everyone goes to the beach and stays there all day, unless we decided to go for a small snack at 3 p.m. and end up sitting in Lam Tong till 10 p.m. having there lunch, drinking rum, than having dinner and drinking rum again. But this rum is not real rum, it's more like sugar cane vine. It is also not too strong, I'd say is about 18%, though on a bottle it says something about 29%.
There is also not much about party in Mui Ne, except Full Moon Party on Saturday which was meant to be the best party in here. It was nice, on a sand dunes, even packed, but electro is not entirely my type of music, but still it was good to be there as probably 95% of backpackers and tourists in Mui Ne were there that night. Bad thing about it was, that my sandals got stolen there. Dutch guy who was there with us just sneaked some flip flops for me. I know that it should not have happened and in the morning I did not fele good with that, but I was too pissed of to refuse it. This way I've exchanged my Source sandals into Havaianas flip flops (zamienił stryjek siekierkę na kijek...).
Mui Ne seems to be very popular destination for Russians, they are everywhere and menus, signs and adverts are all in Russians too.

Mui Ne is meant to be first kite surfers destination in Vietnam

Beach in Mui Ne

Walnut shell boat

Mui Ne beach

Sea food - prawns

In a sea food restaurant where we had dinner, owner was killing that snake - cut its head, dropped all the blood and cut it in half. Next he mixed this blood with something (dunno if with water or vodka) and offered it to guests...

... don't expect me to refuse such a treat ;-)
pic is blurry but it's the only one that I have right now

We are renting bikes to go to sand dunes and fairy creek. Everything happens on the street.

Photo from behind the driver

That day I've learned how to ride manual motorbike

Fisherman village

Fisherman village
Red sand dunes

On the road

White sand dunes and lotus lake

Jump over the sand sledges. Snow sledges are so much better and so much faster.

White sand dunes and lotus lake

Easy Riders ;-)

On the way to white sand dunes

Fairy creek

Fairy creek
Entrance to my room in a hotel. It is meant to be the only place in Mui Ne where dorms are.

Beach area


In the water