Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Tight schedule

After I've arrived from Sapa at 4.30 a.m. I took one of that motorbikes and went back to Backpackers Hostel, where I've jumped into Kasia's bed to sleep a little longer, even though I've had good sleep on the train. Little while later we got on the mini bus to HalongBay, which was complete crap. We were 20 ppl on the boat, most of them boring or not speaking english at all like four fat russian guys or making mess like three people from France claiming that they've had their money stolen. I dunno the truth, but the truth is that they were completly drunken and they could have lost them or spend them and forget about it. That's ruined whole atmosphere which we were trying to build up. In the end we just decided to sleep on the deck and after ot got colder we've went to bed.
Next day in the morning we woke up quite early (about 7), but we also went quite early to bed and spend more of our time sun bathing. And indeed we managed to catch some sun. But we've also spent most of the time on the mini bus to get back to Hanoi. At least this time we had more space fo us, cause on the way to HalongBay it was very tight.
After we returned we catched Open Tour Bus to Hue, but because of the fact that we've bought our tickets through different travel agencies we were on the different buses, which made this experience not as it suposed to be. But still it was ok, and I must admit that I had good sleep, except that it was not really comfortable - beds were too short and to narrow and I did not like it that you could not make it completly flat.
We met up in Hue just to take 1h walk in the rain, and it was raining cats and dogs, and get on the further bus to Hoi An. Unfortunatelly we got separated again. Just when I've started to like this feeling of traveling with someone we always get separated, but we'll meet in Hoi An again, but accodring to weather forecast it pisses there too... And what winds me up is that fuckin airco blowing all the time in my head, and if it makes me ill again I'll get mad.
Party crew - Fazi, Peszek, Kaska ans me
Boats in HalongBay

Party crew

Floating city

Floating grocery

View from my chair

Can you see the land?

Sleeping bus

Walk in Hue

Hue beer in Hue Backpackers Hostel

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