Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Central Vietnam

Hoi An is meant to be tailors city and believe me it is. I've never seen something like that. On each corner, on each street there are tailor stores and shoe maker stores. Door to door. Mostly they have the same or similar fabrics and designs, but you can come with your own design or a photo of a dress, trousers or whatever you dream about and they'll make it for you. They have loads of different albums and magazines with celebrities and their clothes, so you can ask for the exact copy too. What's more it is not too expensive and they are really quick. I had my dress done in 4 hours maybe. On the day that we were leaving Hoi An I've seen something that I might like, I've tried it and that was it, so I had it tailored, and actually it was so well tailored, that no changes needed to be done. Just perfect ;-)
Only due to the act that I was with Kaska, Fazi and Peszek I got so many clothes tailored, otherwise I'd be too annoyed and too tired to do it on my own, but with them it was fun to go there, pick fabrics, pick style, try, ask for changes and so one. Actually with them I was tired too, but with them I could have handled it.
City itself is beautiful too. We were not planning to stay there 2 nights, but after first walk that we made in the evening and the dinner (pumpkin soup which was just "a master" and spring rolls and octopus, I think that I've gained all the weight during that 2 days in Hoi An that I've managed to lost since leaving Poland) that we had we fell in love with it. It was lighted up with lampions, when we were walking there during the night, and it was almost flooded ;-). Next day river was even further up on the streets but no one seemed to be bothered. In any European country they would be building anti flood walls from sand but here it seems to be normal and live goes on. Even with that dress, I was told if you want to make some changes we have to speed up, cause tailor lives on the other side of the river and she might not manage to get through any more.
There was not much party in the city though, there was only one place which was opened a little bit longer (till 1 a.m.) and not really full. There were some backpackers but not too much. I have no clue where all the tourists were during the evenings. And whole ancient town center which is so beautiful - one storey buildings painted mainly in yellow, sometimes in blue or green. Here and there with temples and little gardens. Temples here are so much nicer than in China, more colorful and with more decorations and paintings.
Last day in Hoi An was such a rush, cause we had to pick up all the clothes and catch an Open Tour Bus tgrough Nha Trang to Dalat (for me) and Saigon (for them). And luckily we've managed ;-)
Sexy plastic rain coats


A lot of food

Google knows what you did last summer

No one is bothered by flood

Boat trip on the flooded river

Vietnamese coffee with sweet condensed milk

Which one to choose?

Vietnamese child

Hoi An ancient city center

Hoi An ancient city center

River flooding the street

Will this one suit me?


Tailored silk dress

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