Monday, 6 December 2010

Double bday celebration in Angkor

Last day in Phnom Penh we've spent on a swimming pool in L'Blanc Elephant Resort. We were the only guests there, I'm not even sure if anyone was staying there. But that was even better. Silence, swimming pool only for four of us.
On the way, with my Dutch driver

In the swimming pool - very intellectual
The next day the four of us took a bus to Siem Reap. It was rather spontaneous that we went there together and booked one hostel - Garden Village (1$ for a dorm, which is almost outdoor, the only shelter that we have is roof and bamboo walls, but it makes it perfect for the hot Cambodian weather. Mattresses are on the floor and the only luxury that we have are mosquito nets). From the bus station in SR we ordered free hostel pick up which was very handy, cause bus station is rather far away from the city centre. What's more when the bus arrives they close the gate, so that all passengers can calmly leave the bus and pick their baggage without being pushed by tuk-tuk drivers and without a threat of stolen baggage. Only people who does pick up are allowed to get behind the gate, which is fair enough.
After a dinner and some drinks and fish foot massage the only place to be was Angkor What?. Which is one of the two popular backpacker places in Siem Reap. And as it was already 3rd of December I've started to celebrate my birthday. And that was great, I don't know how it works, that you can have so much fun with people, that you've met just couples of days ago and that you already have inside jokes, that they wish you all the best for bday and that next day in the morning I get a little nice gift from them at the breakfast. It's how backpackers' world is like I guess.
In alphabetical order: Hugo, Martin and Tom, thanks a lot for making my day so good!
Fish massage - it was so ticklish, that I could barely stand it at first

Bday celebration in Angkor What?

This is how you want your cocktails in Cambodia and Vietnam - bucket

Bday shot
 It's not that we only party in Siem Reap, we also did a lot of sightseeing. Angkor Wat is just incredible. We rented bicycles in a hostel and cycled there. Of course we've missed turn to ticket booth, so we had to come back, but cycling itself was so cool too, that I did not matter at all. Especially when sometimes you can just catch tuk-tuk and hold it for a little while, so that you do not have to put any effort into paddling.
Scenery around temples looks sometimes very European like, there were spots where it's smelled and looked like Polish indian summer. I just could stay there for ever.
There was another pleasant thing about Angkor Wat - 15th half marathon, that took place today. What a pity, that I'm not fit any more and that I do not have any running gear with me, otherwise I'd sign up, like Martin did. He did not have anything with him as well, and he went to buy it, but still it'd be too big effort for my body to run 21.097 km after almost 3 month of almost no workout.
Angkor Wat - unfortunately it's partially covered with scaffolding

Angkor Wat through window

Angkor Wat

All temples were red. Now only in some places red is still visible

Bayon if I remember well

Within Angkor Tom

Sun set, I don't know what the whole fuss is about. There are much better sun sets from my parents balcony at the 4th floor. Maybe they should start selling tickets?

If I remember well this in in Bayon Temple within Angkor Tom ancient city

Ta Prom - it is supposed to be the place where Tom Raider was shot. Place is fabulous due to the huge, centuries old trees all around

There is Buddha carved into the stone, but during Pot Pol regime that flower was carved

Polish indian summer in Angkor Wat - view from Ta Keo

Ta Keo - sometimes it gets really steep

Most of the temples we've visited by bike

Angkor Wat

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