Friday, 17 December 2010

On the road again

Last day in Siem Reap we've spent again in temples, but temples which are further away. Day before was kind of wasted. Everyone was tired after one week of going out in the evening, drinking, going late to bed, so we decided to make one day break and go somewhere to the swimming pool, not make any big party and get up earlier, so that we have all day for sightseeing. It worked somehow. We did not go out, but we stayed in rooftop bar in guest house. Adrian i Julka - friends from Warsaw come over so we were sitting there, relaxing and chatting till late at the night in the end.
Butterflies farm

Butterflies farm

Landmines museum

Banteay Srei

Banteay Srei

Waiting for the tuk-tuk driver

Still, we've managed to leave around 11, which was early. This time we took tuk-tuk (Banteay Srei is 30km north-east from Siem Reap) and on the way to the temple we've stopped in butterfly farm (nice but nothing spectacular) and Landmine Museum - too propaganda for me.
Banteay Srei is pinkish and is one of the few temples around Angkor not to be commissioned by king, but by a Brahman. On the way back we got caught by huge rain, I was so sorry for tuk-tuk driver who had to drive in that rain, but on the other hand if it were not for the flat tyre we wouldn't have been waiting for him to change it and we would not have been caught by the rain.

Next day was kind of sad, as we've spllited. Martin stayed in Siem Reap for another day to leave to Bangkok, Hugo went to Phnom Pehn to meet later on with Tom in Sihanoukville, who on the other hand went with me to Battambang.
Battambang is fourth tourist destination in Cambodia, but actually you do not really feel it that way. It was almost not touristy at all, which was really nice in fact, and that meant also cheap hotels with quite high standard. For a double we've been paying 8$/night (but no hot water and not A/C), and it was almost brand new hotel.
In Battambang itself there is not too much to do, except going to the temples which we've decided to skip and to rent motorbike and ride around the city to explore some temples and ruins there. First we've been to Phnom Ek which is just ruined temple with a lintel showing the Churning of Ocean of Milk. And in fact these are very gorgeous ruins with very charming atmosphere.
Next we rode to Phnom Sampeu, where are killing caves. I did not like that bit, except the riding part, where Tom did very good job, driving on quite bumpy and dusty road.
The last stop was Pnom Banan (where I did good driving job in marvelous, bumpy surrounding) which some people claim was inspiration for Angkor Wat. And indeed it reminds of Angkor. This place is also a little bit scary, as all the way around are signs "Danger, mines!".

Tom ready for blinds massage

Phnom Ek - Sea of Milk

Phnom Ek

Cela, the motorbike rider

Phnom Banan - Danger!! Mines!!

Phnom Banan
Next day was sad and long. I had to tell good bye to the last person that I knew (I guess that we've met another two times in Battambang waiting for our buses) and head to Bangkok. Of course bus was late, everything took so much longer that it was supposed to take, that in the end I've ended up in Bangkok after 10p.m.and I was hoping for 8p.m. But luckily mini bus stopped at Khao San Road, which is main backpackers place and very close to there Sebastian stays, so after quick Pad Thai (basically fried noodles with vegetables, chicken/beef/shrimps and nuts) I took motorbike to drop my bag at his place and go out with him and his girlfriend.
Bangkok was nice to me, even though I did not spend there too much time it was friendly and familiar place from the same beginning. Maybe the fact that I've been staying at home and not in the hostel made it. And the luxury of having bathroom only for myself.
Now after another 14h drive I'm at Railay, which so far is a little bit disappointing. It is supposed to be one of the top 10 climbing destinations. That part might be true, but it's so expencive in here and feels somehow strange, that I'll prolly try to stay here one more night and if I still do not like it I'll go to Ko Phi Phi. Which makes me worried - what if there will be the same? Additionally bearing in mind, that bus ticket from Bangkok to Prabi was 350B,and boat from Railay to Phi Phi costs 400B....
Bangkok form Sebastian's window


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