Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Traveler's stories

When in Siem Reap in a bar a guy came to me and said - Your name is so and so and you are from there and there I was surprised to find out that it was Krzysiek with whom we've been trying to arrange traveling together, but after a while of planning we've decided that actually there is no way that we'll manage to organise our travels in a way that they overlap somewhere. So we gave up. And than I meet him in Temple bar in Siem Reap. Ok, things like that happen...
... but when in Bangkok, in the middle of the night I walk furious at KhaoSan Road, I pass by a group of guys, who check me out. I check them out too, but I keep walking. One of them follows me and asks me if I'm religious. But I look into his face and I know where he's going with that. I suddenly know who he is. It's Matt, Aussie who I met in Taize in France something like 6 years ago. How possible is that?
I even do not say about whole bunch of people who I met somewhere in Hanoi, Phnom Pehn, Siem Reap or Mui Ne and meet them just by coincidence in Dalat, Koh Phangan, Hoi An etc. And actually if you name any two places where I've been there is very high chance, that there will be someone who I've first met in the first town and than in the second one mentioned.
One more quite funny example. Yesterday I was sitting with Poles. Friends of friends, some of them living in BKK, some traveling. We chat, laugh and we come to the topic of western guys dating Thai girls. So I start telling about my cousin who dates this girl who is an actress in one of the Thai TV series and whom I had the pleasure to meet and who I really think is nice, pretty and smart girl. So one of the guys there, one who works here in Bangkok says, but I know them. He speaks some Polish but he's not fully Polish. And that girl is like 6 years older than he's. Yessss man! That's them I'm talking about.
This is how paths of random people cross now and then. I wish that my paths cross again with some of the people that I've met. Not necessarily here and now, but one day somewhere.

I've spent couple of days in BKK. This time I've been staying in hostel. Phiman Water View, recommended to me by one German girl who I've met in Hanoi. It is really different place. About 15 minutes walk from KhaoSan Road, which is main travellers' place, directly at the river bank, lead by artists. Gay artists. Which makes things even more interesting. They are so open and willing to talk to us, sometimes drink and go out with us. Like the other day when it was Maymar gay boy,\ who works in hostel, NiNi, Thai girl - friend, and her sister who looks more like a boy, Ex - guy from Peru and me. We've just had really good evening and night together.
To get to the hostel you have to go through small streets, flooded sometimes by either river water or water that they just pour out, inhabited by Thai families, their door open. A little bit like hutongs in Beijing. This gives some insight into life of locals. They are very friendly, telling hallo every time I pass by.
After all together 3 days in Bangkok I've managed to do some sightseeing. Finally. I've seen Grand Palace, where I had to rent skirt and shirt, cause you are not allowed to enter there in shorts and top. At least rent fee was 0. I had to leave deposit only.
Grand Palace itself made very good impression on me. I did not have any expectations so I was nicely surprised. It is complex established in 1782 and is a royal residence with throne halls and number of government offices and a Temple of Emerald Buddha. Everything is build very posh and packed one next to another which makes it a little bit too much, but still all the buildings are amazing. Borom Phiman Mansion which is build with great taste and made me want living there, mini Angkor Wat all statues etc are just beautiful.

Ex, Me, Nini and her sister


Somewhere within Grand Palace

Somewhere within Grand Palace

Bormo Phiman Mansion

The Phra Maha Monthain Group

Roofs somewhere within Grand Palace

Somewhere within Grand Palace - Mini Angkor Wat in the front

The Grand Palace
Phiman Water View Guest House

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