Thursday, 23 December 2010

Life on the islands

Koh Tao - Turtle Island located at the Gulf of Thailand and is main destination for divers. It is supposed to be pretty cheap in here and conditions are also wonderful. If it were not for my ear and breathing problems I'd be in, but the farthest as I can go is scuba diving which makes a lot of fun too.
So just after I've arrived (on the choppy and wet overnight cruise from Shurat Thani) I wanted to escape from all taxi and hotel people so I went for a breakfast and WiFi to Cafe del Sol. It was random choice, but very good random choice. Good food and decent internet speed made me stay there prolly 3 hours, when I was having my time after one week without free internet. I'll find my place later, especially that I had some friends over here where I could leave my bag and go for exploration.
Exploration was quite successful, even though I was rather phlegmatic, I've managed to get room for 250B in Lotus Resort (if anyone asks you how much you've paid tell them 300B. Don't tell anyone that you are paying 250B only).
After I've moved in with one of the guys that I've met before in Cambodia we've went to that posh hotel and spa where some other people were staying who he met on a party and apparently they were inviting everyone to join theirs' facilities.
It was challenge to get there, as road was very bumpy and steep and not like the on you would imagine to lead to the most expensive place on the whole island. Especially that on the first day we were two on one motorbike (on the second day I rented my own). Not even motorbike, but scooter (btw, here I do things that I'd never imagined to do so poorly equipped, like hiking in flip-flops everywhere to access rocks, riding motorbike in extreme terrain in flip-flops). But it was worth. After we got there it was high life. Swimming pool, private beach with private boat driver to take you there, snorkeling equipment.
This is basically how I've spent two of my three days in here. Third day was similar with the difference that in another posh place where I've went to, there was no swimming pool. But still I enjoyed my day in hammock with a book in hand.
Today I take a boat to Kho Phangan, where Full Moon Party takes place. The only little problem is that I'm sick. My idea is that it's from the air conditioning on the boat to here couple of days ago. Runny nose and stacked sinuses are not what you want for Full Moon Party.
Posh life
Private beach

Those boys performing fire shows were amazing

2 days after...
In some magical way, even though I was not in perfect mood for a party, tired, with painful sinuses, a little bit down I was making an effort to have good time. I've bought Full Moon Party vest, necklaces, painted my body, I've flushed flu pills with Gin bucket, hang around with people, did my best in painting some of my friends, walked whole beach up and down in order to find the best place to be. To start dancing was some effort but in the end it all was worth it. I've had great night. I've been in a groove. My mind absent, my body following the rhythm, just me and the dance beach. It was so nice to feel it again, after quite a long time. I guess that might be partially because if you make to much party you stop enjoying them that much, although I must say, that recently I had rather calm evenings, so maybe that made it. And some good company that I've found in the end.
After all I've seen sunrise, returned home about 11 probably with two hours of sleep in between. Quick breakfast and back at the beach. To take more sleep. In fact I was not able to fall asleep, so when evening came I was that buggered that I barely could walk, so I've made my way directly to bed.

Full Moon Party venue

Full Moon Party venue


I do my best to paint Marcus

Ton Sai trio

Live art


Orange kiss

Full Moon Party

Full Moon Party - mirror view

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