Monday, 7 February 2011

Be modern in Warsaw

I'm still waiting for Dubai visa. I was supposed to fly on Saturday, but I did not get visa, so I enjoy some more time in Warsaw. Due to that I could go for a party with FS department, where I somehow joined even though I don't work with them. I just sit with them and I it is just insane what happens there. There are only women in that department, half of them mothers and the only topics are either kids (these are mothers, I very frankly like this one: "I know that you are not interested in it, but anyway I'm gonna tell you about it ") or dating (these are singles and mothers who are always interested in our dating and picking up adventures).
Party that I joined was crazy and in the end I've been back home about 6 in the morning on Saturday as with Kinga we decided that bowling and Dekada is not enough. Every party must finish in Klubo and so we did.
On Saturday we had breakfast in one of our favourite cafes in Warsaw - Cafe Szpilka - at 4 p.m. which was rather extreme, especially that we walked there, which took us about an hour, so by the time we got there we had the feeling that we could eat every item from the menu. So we were eating and reading Lonely Planet guidebooks. She was reading about Annapurna Circuit which we plan at the end of this year and I was browsing Dubai guide book. I got pretty scare when for example I read about a guy who got arrested, because he had 3 poppy seeds on his shirt which fell there from a roll that he ate at the Heathrow airport. Crazy.
To balance partying and culture on Sunday we went to National Museum in Warsaw for an exhibition "Chcemy być nowocześni" (We want to be modern) which is exhibition of ca 180 objects from the collection of the National Museum in Warsaw, featuring the most important examples of Polish design, rarely seen in the West. It  presents one of the most exciting periods of Polish design, between the political thaw of 1955 and the social changes brought in 1968.
It was really cool. Even for a person like me, who is completely non artistic it was fun to see objects which once were in use (and prolly still are in some households) and you could buy them in the store and we even had some of them at home and now they are on display in museum.
We went with the flow and saw one more exhibition: "Wzornictwo za 4 złote" (1 euro design) in Institute of Industrial Design. The exhibition presents 63 not expensive designer products. It aims at refuting the myth that design has to be expensive and impossible to attain, at showing that an object may be designed nicely and professionally, and still be available for everybody. The title 1 Euro is a symbolic price: the exhibition present the cheapest products for their type, well-designed and available for all.
It felt almost like that weekend last year, also in February, that we've spent in Munich and Ingolstadt and in Munich we saw Pinakothek der Moderne and Museum Brandhorst.
On the way to the museum. Billboard advertising the exhibition.

In the Museum. We want to be modern.

Fan. I still remember one like this, but yellow.

Cutlery, pots and ashtray designed for LOT (Polish airlines)

Design on fabrics

My favourite one, called Panny (Ladies)
Warsaw. In the right corner there is Palace of Culture and Science, on the left hand side you can see palm on de Gaulle roundabout.
1 euro design exhibition


  1. coż za trafność spostrzeżeń :D

  2. to nie było spostrzeżone, a usłyszane u samych zainteresowanych ;-)