Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Feels like you are dying

Come back to Poland was sad. I was flying with Aeroflot to Moscow and than to Warsaw. At the Bangkok airport I almost had a feeling that I'll take my bag and run away. I just could not stand all those Russians around trying to speak Russian with me as though I could speak it and the thought that it's the end. That now I'm flying back to cold Poland, coming back to work and coming back to reality. After 4 months of living relaxed life I have to come back to stressy and long hours work, to the routine which I hate.
On the plane I've spend most of the time sleeping. I've bought some valium at Khao San Road in Bangkok to make my time pass faster. When I was not sleeping I was eating or asking fly attendants to bring me one more blanket cause I was cold. Food was good (I guess this was the only good thing about flying Aeroflot) but attendants were assholes. First I was told: "No, one seat, one blanket". Fuck! What does that mean? After asking three times I've finally managed to get one more blanket, but I'm not going to fly Aeroflot ever again. Such an unpleasant service that I do not wish anyone to fly with them. And to make my fight for a blanket valuable I've decided to take it with me especially that I did not have any jacket with me and it was rather cold.
We had delays on both flights so in the end I've landed in Warsaw one hour later, my bag did not arrive so I had to go and claim it. Because of that I've reached terminal 1 instead of terminal 2. So I walked to terminal 2 trying to find people who come to pick me up and I was not able to see them. Same there, they were expecting me to wear my red Mammut jacket and arrive from different direction. The only reason why they've spotted me was that my dad saw in a window a beggar wrapped in a blanket and turned around to see if indeed he's right. And the beggar was me. Wrapped in Aeroflot blanket, cause my jacket was in a bag which was still in Moscow. There were also Kinga, Fazi and Doris to greet me; they've even brought Polish flag. That was so sweet and funny.
Even funnier was when we've started to drink and went for a party. Dunno how I've managed that all, but maybe it's the sleep on the plane that made me quite fit. I even don't suffer jet lag. The only thing that I suffer it's cold and my feet hurt like hell. After almost 4 months wearing flip flops or sandals wearing heavy boots now is a night mare. My feet are cold all the time and they hurt. All the shoes that I used to wear last year cause me pain now. They scratch my heels or squeeze my toes. I just cannot stand it.

Polish Vodka. Finally! And Asian signs.
Back at MY home.

Nowy Swiat by night

With my mum. Warsaw old city.


  1. AEROFLOT = All Engineers Resigned Or Fired - Lousy Old Technology ;-)
    you were lucky , be grateful :-)

  2. What I know is:
    TAP = Take Another Flight
    LOT = Tomorrow Or Later

  3. the one I know for LOT = Lots Of Trauma
    or Luggage On Tarmac

    some others :

    ALITALIA = Airplane Lands In Tokyo And Luggage In Australia

    AI (Air India)= Allah Informed

    BA (British Airways) = Better Avoided
    CAAC (Chinese Avation Airl.Comp.) = China's Airlines Almost Crashes

    DELTA = Don't Expect Luggage To Arrive

    GARUDA = Get Another Reservation Unless Dead Already

    OLYMPIC = Onassis Likes Your Money Paid In Cash

    QANTAS = Quite A Nice Trip, Any Survivors ?

    SIA (Singapore.Intl.Airl.) = Sick In Air

    TAP (Portuguese Airl.) = Take Another Plane