Sunday, 25 December 2011

Don't look now but I think I'm sweating blood

Day 7: Manang - Tengi - Gunsang - Yak Kharka (9 km)
It was supposed to be really easy day. But in fact it was really tough one for me. As mentioned earlier I did not feel well in the evening and I did not get better in the morning either. When I woke up my nose was stuffed and my sinuses were aching like hell and the trek that was supposed to take 3 hours took me 5. I was really concerned about that fact and I was struggling what to do next. Keep going? Stay one day in Yak Kharka (4020m) and rest? Take antibiotics?
Gladly one of the Indian girls was physician and she’s helped me. She’s examined my throat, asked some questions and recommended taking antibiotics. So I took Zinnat which was prescribed by my laryngologist back in Warsaw just for situation like this one.
I also had to ask Doris and Jacek to take one day break and stay in Yak Kharka. Staying here is definitely better (and probably a little bit warmer) here than in Thorung Phedi.

Jacek in his famous pose

View on the way to Yak Kharka

Day 8: Yak Kharka
And indeed we’ve spent one more day in Yak Kharka. In the morning I was little bit better, but definitely not in shape to take up hiking. I’ve been resting all day long. Sleeping till 9, reading and sitting in the sun.
I was priceless to see surprised faces of Bobbie, Sara, Aaron and Brian when they got to Yak Kharka the next day (as one of them did not feel well the previous day they’ve stayed in Manang one day longer) and was us just sitting there and relaxing. It was even nicer to hear from them that they’ve been missing their Polish crew and they are glad to see us again, although they are not glad I got sick.
Aaron with Superman like curl on his forehead

We used to order big pot of ginger tea. In Yak Kharka we got in in rusted thermos. But just a little bit.

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