Monday, 26 December 2011

Don't you know we're all wizards, welcome to Oz

Day 13: Marpha - Gasha - Tatopani (by bus)
We had to separate from our lovely crew. We had to get up quite early to manage to catch 7.30 bus to Tatopani but unfortunately we did not catch it. We've made mistake not buying tickets the day before.When we've reached the ticket counter we were informed that the direct bus is full and the only option left for us is to take bus to Gasha and change there.
Our bus was to arrive to Marpha before the direct bus, but arrived later, actually both of them were late. Nevertheless somewhere in the middle of the way every vehicle on the road was stopped by the big truck that got broken down and blocked both directions. Everyone had to wait until they repair it.
Finally we were driving again and after changing in Ghasa (which was rather quick and efficient) we got to Tatopani (1190m), where we went to Daulagiri Lodge which again was recommended to us by the guide in Kagbeni and it's also recommended by Lonely Planet.
It was cool to meet there Jean-Pierre (the French guy, who we met for the first time in Chame and who had a guide with him with whom he for so friendly that the guide was calling hum daddy. In terms of age he probably could be his son) and Stephen (the German guy with whom we've been staying in the dorm one day and also hiking couple of times) and Israeli couple. No wonder everyone was there. Place is gorgeous, there is huge harden - peaceful oasis after shaky journey on the bus (even through the river as the driver was trying to take over other buses and trucks and catch up lost time) with supposedly good food as at the time of writing we were still waiting for our lasagnas.
Waiting for the truck to get repaired

Sun set in Tatopani

Cat in Tatopani - Daulagiri Lodge

Day 14: Tatopani - Ghora - Shikha - Chitre - Ghorepani (15 km/1750up/140down)
Weather and altitude in Tatopani got boring ;-) It was too hot down there, so we've decided to go up again. This time we had to cover 1700m up in one day to reach Ghorepani. Ascent was not steep (only the first part), but constantly up. Basically this day was dedicated to going up. Up and up, all day long.
First village on the way was Ghora which I had the feeling was the longest village ever. I think that walk from beginning to the end of it took me one hour.
In Shikha we had lunch with Stephen and Jean-Pierre and headed via Chitre (where we had out ACAP checked) to Ghorepani. This last piece from Chitre was the worst. Even Jacek lost his motivation and although I was slow I've caught up with him and we've reached Snow View Hotel together. It's a nice place with hot shower, heated dining room and all the friends.
Somewhere between Tatopani and Ghorepani

Somewhere between Tatopani and Ghorepani

Jacek and Stephen in ACAP check point

Somewhere between Tatopani and Ghorepani

Somewhere between Tatopani and Ghorepani

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