Monday, 26 December 2011

My hand is in the clouds

Day 15: Ghorepani - Deorali - Tadapani - Ghurjung
In Ghorepani (2750m) many people go in the morning to the Poon Hill to see the the sun rise and brilliant view from the viewing platform.
We did not go there as we read in the Lonely Planet that on the way we will have opportunity to enjoy almost the same view (at least from the same height) from the Ghurung Hill. Just without sun rise. Even though we were not going there in the end we woke up with those who did, as they were making too much noise.
When we were leaving Snow View Lodge the Israeli girl came to ask Jacek and myself (Doris decided to leave us and go to Pokhara via Ghandruk, whereas we went to do ABC - Annapurna Base Camp) if we want three of those coal hand warmers. You just take it out from the packing, shake and they become warm and keep the heat up to 20 hours. Of course I took it (thank you, even though I don't know your name, that was very kind) and I've found it very useful in the following days.
Most of the way today was through rhododendron forest, and the way was all the time down. But to get to Tadapani we had to get all the way down to the river, cross the suspension bridge and next go up (the usual stuff). Overall balance for today is minus 740m, which we have to climb tomorrow.
It was exactly in Tadapani where Doris has separated from us, she went with Jean-Pierre to Ghandruk and Jacek and I headed to ABC. Apparently Stephen makes this trek too, so we walked together.
View from Ghurung Hill. I'm pointing Annapurna South

View from Ghurung Hill

Happy Trio. View from Ghurung Hill

Panorama from Ghurung Hill

View from Ghurung Hill

Jean-Pierre and Laxman

Informaiton board in Tadapani

Rhododendron forest

It seemed like nice guest house, especially with this huge field in front. That would be great spot to lay down and rest only if it was more sunny.

One of hundreds suspension bridges that we had to cross

Volleyball is popular even high in Himalaya

Day 16: Ghurjung - Chomrong - Sinuwa - Bamboo - Doban
Night in Ghurjung (2010m)  we've spent in family guest house. The place and people were so sweet. We were sitting with them in their dining room, watching TV. In the morning the owner offered us one more pot of tea for free. Great hospitality.
On the way to Chomrong we were following school kids. That's amazing how every day they walk 2 hours up the hill to go to school. And next back home from school. Now I really appreciate the fact that my school was 5 minutes away and that access to education is so easy in my world.
Chomrong (2210m) is the last real village on the ABC trek. All the other places are just lodges build for trekkers. It was also the last place with the network coverage. I've received text message there form my manager with question if I'm approachable for a Skype chat or phone call. Forget it, I could barely receive and send texts. All other activities were just impossible.
Surprisingly form Chomrong we again had to go all the way down to the river (this town is placed on the slope of a hill and most of the way leads by steps, thousands of steps), cross it and go all the way up to Sinuwa (2050m).
In Chomrong we've spent a lot of time so since then we were walking rather fast and that gave us idea that maybe instead of spending the night in Bamboo (I've seen such a nice lodge there...) as we planned before we might be able to reach Doban. We did that. We were very lucky too, as on the way form Bamboo little shower has started and by the time we've reached Doban it was already raining, but luckily we did not get very wet.
This unpleasant weather has started on the day when we were going to Ghorepani. Mornings are usually ok, but in the afternoon it gets cloudy, foggy and rainy.
I just wish that tomorrow we get over the clouds and we will have good views again.
Enjoy the steps



Another plant shooting mode

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