Saturday, 21 January 2012

Where's my car? Where's my keys? Where's my clothes?

Couples of days after I’ll be leaving Dubai my friend Daniela goes back home to. She has organized a goodbye party at the desert to celebrate it, together with her birthday.
It was overnight party and bearing that in mind and being aware of how the temperature can decrease in the night at the desert I’ve realized, that I did not take enough warm clothes from Poland. How smart of me! But that was a good excuse for last shopping in Dubai. And as it was shopping for sport/casual clothes it was even fun. I’ve found some useful stuff.
In the afternoon Daniela together with Diti picked me from the hotel (they were about an hour late, but that was actually ok for me), we went to the meeting place where everyone (about 20 people) was already waiting only for us.
After quick shopping (just in case if there is not enough meat) we finally drove towards Hatta, where the party spot is. It took us of course some time to find it, as everyone had their own idea. Try to coordinate 10 cars…
In the end, we’ve made it. And even people arriving later were able to find us. No clue how. We’ve set up all gear. Most of it was brought by Daniela’s local friend with big pimp-my-ride car. He had everything there starting from power generators, through tents and finishing with cushions. Sweet.
We had great fun there, even though I was not allowed to drink anything I had so much fun. Grilling, chatting, dancing and taking pictures was basically our occupation during the whole time. Except when we were driving a quad and flipping over on the steep dune. Too many people on one machine.
I was supposed to stay for a night in a tent, but actually I got a chance to go back home the same night which I took. I did not want to spend half of Saturday on the desert waiting for everyone to get up and get sober enough to drive. I wanted to use the day as it was supposed to be my last day off in UAE.

Let's the party begin.
Somewhere there among all those bags, there is a lot of booze. Even in UAE there are the ways to drink not only in a bar.

Fire, BBQ, sitting mats, chairs. This is called good organization.


Dubai Girls

Daniela got a cool poster with Dubai landmarks. That poster was enhanced with small pics of her and her friends sticked in the cool Dubai spots.

Dubai Girls

Let's go dancing

Russia, Uruguay, UAE, Germany - so international

This is that vehicle that we had an accident on

Get yourself together

That was my injury

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