Sunday, 12 February 2012

Ding dong, stop yelling, let me in

In fact it's high time to write something about Helsinki, as I've been here since mid January, but I still need to gather some more pictures. But as it's been a while since the last time I've been to Munich, there will be something about that city that tempts and attracts me sooo much. I'm not able to explain why, but it's the way it is.
Well I've been flying via MUC rather often recently, but I was not exiting the airport. Only last week I flew there for the training that was taking place there (there was a risk that it'll be in Frankfurt, but luckily Munich won).
I still have some friends there from the time when I was working in Ingolstadt, so I went there couple of days before the training. Just to meet them, enjoy the city vibe, drink some radlers and russes (wiezen shandy), wander through the streets, do running training on the graveyard and around Pinakotheken (main galleries in Munich) and Branshorst Museum, visit the oldest swimming pool in the city (build in 1901), watch 'The Artist' - contemporary silent movie, eat maroni and apfelstrudel mit vanillesauce.
Within those four days I've spent all my time in Maxvorstadt and Au Haidhausen districts. Strolling through the streets, watching people and registering cosy restaurants and cafes to go there next time when I'll be here (when will that be?). In particular I was able to find place that was shown to me ages ago that I liked from the same beginning a  lot but I did not pay much attention that time to where I was. And now it happened to be just around the corner from my hotel and hit my eyes when I was wanreding around.
Ivan Hayek. Acordeonist on the Marienplatz.

We are poems

Hedgehogs (for Marta)

Muellersches Volksbad. The oldest swimming pool in Munich, opened in 1901.

Gasteig Munich. Munich cultural center.

Old cinema. There is plenty of them here.

Lebensmittel. Corner of Preysingstrasse and Leonhard Strasse

Preysinggarten. This is the place that I was able to track back.

Just to proof, that I did a training too ;-)

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