Sunday, 21 November 2010

Dalat Easy Rider tour

From rainy Hoi An, I've got to Dalat (with stop over in Nha Trang to change buses), which was a little bit less rainy, and actually I've been there quite lucky with the weather.
Dalat city is 120 years old and is known for its flower and vegetable plantations. 50% of income there comes from farming. Even though it laid on 1500 meters over sea level vegetation there never holds on. They harvest all year long, of course depending on the plant. And they also plant strawberries there, but unfortunately it was not harvest time, otherwise I'd prolly eat strawberries only.
There are two interesting things that you can do in Dalat: Easy Rider Tour and canyoning. Canyoning is more extreme and more expensive too, but I'd prefer to do it with good and sunny weather. And Easy Rider Tour is a tour on a motor bike with a guide who shows Dalat and its neighbourhood. This was what I've done there.
With Markus - Swedish guy whom I've met on the bus from Hoi An to Tha Trang and than Dalat we've booked Easy Rider tour and that was worth its value, this is where we've been:
Dalat from the hill

Dalat is known for its flower farms, this is one of them


At the flower farm

K'ho tribe. In this tribe when a couple gets married, it's a guy who moves into girl's house.If they have kids, they get woman's family name.

K'ho tribe house. I'm playing with toy, trying to shoot a stone into the tree trunk

Dragon temple - this temple is guarded by turtle, unicorns, phoenix and dragon, and in fact these are important creatures for Vietnamese people.
Silk factory - of course battery in my camera was almost empty by that time, so I have only single shots of most of the places and things

Elephant waterfall, named like that after elephants coming here to drink water

We got to the same bottom of that waterfall, where only local fisherman were. It was pretty scary to get there, so probably that's why...

Crazy house - designed by Vietnamese woman, who's studied architecture in Moscow and must have been taking some drugs to have an idea of such house

Crazy house
From Dalat we got to Mui Ne on the most bumpy bus ride that I've ever had, but at least it was pretty quick and the bus stopped in Mui Ne in front of single place in whole Mui Ne where you can get dorms, which is perfect for me, cause it's cheap (5$) and directly at the sea.
In Dalat though we were sharing double room with Marcus, which gave us 4$ per person per night, but I still like dorm better. And funny thing, cause we've met in Mui Ne almost everyone who we've met in Dalat.
More about fabulous beaches, sun and sea in Mui Ne in next post.

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