Saturday, 18 December 2010

TonSai Beach

As usually I've stayed in Railay longer than I've planned.

After first night in Railay West I've moved to different part on peninsula - TonSai Beach. And this one is definitely climbers' paradise. After retrospection the day before I knew there I want to be to give this place a chance: Saithong Bungalows. 150B for single, very simple bungalow with bathroom it's the best what you can get in Railay. It's the cheapest place, but also the coolest one. At the top of the hill, in forest, with mosquitoes and relaxed atmosphere. Just after I got there I've met people with whom I've been hanging around whole week, climbing, kayaking, building sand castle, partying, having breakfast. I've just joined them at the table when they were having breakfast during day of rest.

They were group of random people who just met there couple of days before. Climbers and non-climbers, better and worse climbers. Crowd from different countries. This is as always something that makes group unique and very much rock'n'roll. And of course climbers society, which is chilled and relaxed.

Right away I've joined them at the beach, where we've started to build sand castle. It was Brad's idea and actually everyone liked it so much and got so involved, that we've spent prolly about 3 hours designing and building. I don't remember when was the last time that I did that, but certainly it was loads of fun.

Next day we've went climbing and kayaking. Plan was to kayak to Happy Island and climb there, but as planes were changing every 5 minutes in the end we've kayaked another 30 mins to reach Ko Poda, where we were struggling again to find rocks, but eventually we've succeeded.6a+ But the problem was that everyone was so buggered after paddling and it was so late that we did not do too much, but still the whole day was cool. 10 people on the kayaking, climbing trip, that must be fun. I was paddling only on the way back, cause we had 2 doubles and 2 triples, and person in the middle seat in the triple is not supposed to paddle, so girls were changing and paddling less than boys, especially those who were climbing.

The following days people were leaving and new people were coming, we've been making new climbing friends, so there was always someone climbing similar level as I do (as usually I've started to regret quiting climbing) which currently is very low. 6a+ is was I managed to do top rope and I was struggling. Funny thing though I had the feeling that I have better sense of balance and that I know better where to step for optimal performance. Maybe indeed I had talent and I've wasted it. I hope to do some more climbing in Chang Mai or Van Vieng (or both) if I manage to organise it with Meike and Todd with whom I'll be meeting tomorrow in Kho Tao, as they left one day before me.

Sand castle designers and builders

Sand castle designers and builders

Patrick in work

Sand castle almost ready

Kayaking trip to Kho Poda

Let's light some mosquito coils


Sand castle, two days later

Todd in action. High tide is coming.

Shot from the top

Half moon party in Chill out Cafe at TonSai Beach

Beth charms the DJ

Another view from the top - East and West Railay. At the far background: TonSai

Sunset in TonSai

Mr. Pancake in action

Bas hanging in his 7a+ project

Climbing at the beach

Climbing at the beach

Merry Christmas everyone ;-)

My 150B bungalow

Beth - Little Mermaid


  1. fajnie fajnie sie tam wakacjujesz, i mistrzowska kreacja na half moon party :) Cela is the best :)

  2. Beth charms the DJ
    How are my friend...............Djporsche on da mixx!!

  3. at which bungalow resort did you stay in tonsai? we searching desperately for a nice and cheap one...

  4. Saithong. When u walk from the Ton Sai beach it's the last one at the top of the hill. If u walk from the Railay side, on the other hand, it's the first one.
    Good luck.